Gregory Adam Wallace is an actor/writer/performer known for many things including the UCB Harold team QUEEN GEORGE. He is over all the moons to be on Harold Night and loves his team so much. He's also a California native, so that's a thing. Gregory has studied acting forever at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He has had the privilege of studying improv under Suzi Barrett, Eugene Cordero, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Will Hines, Alex Fernie, Anthony King, Johnny Meeks, Julie Brister, Mike Still and many more. He has studied sketch under Sean Conroy and only Sean Conroy. Other UCB credits include Unsigned Hype, Lil Smokies - We Can Do This, Hate Mail Presents 7 Deadly Sins, Play-by-Play, Cage Match, Sketch Cage Match, Spoiler Country and more and blah, blah, blah. His improv teams Varmint, Lil Smokies, and Church do stuff. Check out his videos on Funny or Die and look up his sketch group Funrack. See him in on Harold Night or at his sketch show The Execution of a Serious Asshole.

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